Green House

The ideal house is the one that corresponds to your desires, and your lifestyle.

 It is sometimes difficult to put your desires on paper, to reconcile functionality and aesthetics, to organize priorities without giving up the details that will make the difference...

 For your architectural projects, we have a qualified team to offer you a plan, a unique and relevant style, in perfect harmony with your wishes.

 We support you in your project from design to the handover of the keys.

 Do not hesitate to contact us, so we can make you an offer free of charge

Comfort and well-being:

Your timber frame house is warm and healthy without humidity or condensation.  In addition, due to its dry implementation, wood constructions have a healthy atmosphere and an insulating power, unlike traditional wet construction methods, which take several months to dry, producing a humid atmosphere, cold and unpleasant.


The wooden frame that complies with performance requirements and regulations is characterized by the absence of thermal bridges, which constitute 30% of the losses of a masonry house.  Many studies have proven that the wooden house, more energy-efficient, allows substantial savings in heating.  As soon as we think about the medium and long term, the wooden house is more economical.

Ecological approach:

Your timber frame house contributes to sustainable development by accumulating CO2.  The assembly of the house is mainly done in the workshop and the construction phase is particularly short, so it is economical in energy savings.

Quality of construction:

Wood is a raw material whose longevity is proven, the timber houses of historic centers are more than five centuries old and still in great shape, moreover wood is an anti-seismic material, whose resistance is much higher than brick /concrete.

Speed ​​of construction:

With a construction time of 2 to 3 months, you save on your rent and loans.

 This is why you have neither humidity nor condensation in a wooden house, which allows you to live in a healthy and warm environment, ensuring incomparable comfort and well-being all year round!

Becoming a homeowner also means choosing the right construction concept. Choose an optimal solution with Greenhouse SH.P.K in Kosovo

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