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Aspire To Grow

After gaining years of experience in the market, GreenHouse Sh.p.k is growing year by year in both the manufacturing capacity and its reach in different markets 

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We build your house instantly

Customer Oriented

Here at GreenHouse we understand the needs of our customers and realize their expectations with quality and on time.

Efficient Construction

While we are working on timber frame houses and modular house kits, the local contractors can already do the groundwork at the same time. Therefore cutting the total project time.

Human In mind

The Special Issue on “Human Factors in Green Building” addresses the design of indoor environment quality for users' needs.

Individual Design

We have made custom solutions for every step of the project. they will work with any modern, traditional and individual house design.

Green Technology

Europe is moving towards more sustainable construction in the future. Timber frame production reduces carbon footprint. All while raising the energy efficiency of the houses.

Faster Construcion & Great Value

Our innovative building process helps save time and money, with the efficient use of materials and tradesmen at our factory production line.

The lifespan of a wooden building is 60 – 100 years, depending on its use, and is absolutely equivalent to buildings of conventional construction.
Due to the high degree of prefabrication, the timber construction allows a low-emission construction site and largely dispenses with the use of water on site.
Heat insulation
Wood is a good thermal insulator. Due to the many micro-air inclusions in the material, heat is hardly passed on and thus remains stored in the room.
Room climate
Due to its pore-structure, wood can absorb moisture from the room air and release it back into the environment when it is dry. This regulatory property ensures a particularly good indoor climate.
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Research shows that spending time in wooden buildings makes us feel good. It is thought that the reasons for the positive effects include the fact that we see the material as being natural, and the way it affects indoor air quality, moisture balance, comfort and acoustics.


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